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the slippery slope of anxiety

I’ve owned and operated a photography business for 12 years. And for 12 of those years, I have been convinced I’m just about to go out of business and go broke. The photography industry was booming when I opened the studio, although I didn’t realize it because I had nothing to

no thanks, i’d like a hot poker in my eye

I have to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of popup windows that appear on almost every internet site I visit these days. (Grrr. popups.) They say, “Sign up here to receive our emails, blah blah” (Grrr. email lists.) I just wanted to read the article, or check out those shoes. Ok? Get

cooking with young living essential oils

Before I begin, I must tell you NOT to ingest essential oils unless you know they are safe for consumption. Essential oils are highly, HIGHLY concentrated plant extracts, and are generally only for topical use, or diffused for aromatherapy. Young Living is one of the only sources of oils pure enough

dishwater buddha

Who has time for mindfulness? Not I, says the entrepreneurial mom, with the homeworklaundryyardworkexercisemealplanningbillpayingbusinessrunningpicturetaking that needs to happen in the next couple of hours. What is mindfulness, you ask? Well, it’s the state of being completely aware and in

lemonade stand

My kids often ask if they can have a lemonade stand, and I usually (almost always) say no. I say no, because I want to save them from disappointment if no one stops by. I am worried that someone will buy from them, and not like their product.  I’m afraid their feelings will be hurt. When my

i have lazy.

You read that right. I have lazy. When I was learning American Sign Language (ASL,) if you felt lazy, the literal sign translation would be, “I HAVE lazy.” I think a lot of languages do that; they separate the feeling from the person. It’s probably important. Here’s why…

i finally made a portrait brochure

Whether you book a portrait session with me, or with another photographer, this information will help you with what to wear, what to tell the kids, what NOT to tell the kids, what happens when the baby starts screaming, and more.


I have a theory, and it’s going to make some people angry. It’s been nudging me, in my mind, for a while now, ever since the states started passing laws (or trying to) that allowed anyone, including police, and lifesaving rescue teams to deny help to LGBT people, if they felt like it.

why i’m not banning bossy

I’m Jen, and I’m bossy. Do you have a problem with that? Because I don’t. There is now a campaign to “Ban Bossy,”  (the word,) so that girls won’t catch flack for showing leadership skills. The word “bossy” has negative connotations (which come from


It’s Wednesday, and I’m taking the day off. I’m taking the day off, because my husband got the day off. I just got the kids off to school, and he is still sleeping. I want to either: go back to bed too, clean my house, or get some work done. We have crazy schedules. He has been

zucchini noodles with ham and pesto

See, I told you I’d post recipes on the new blog. My method of cooking is basically, “What’s in the fridge, and can be made into something edible in less than 20 minutes?” Tonight, it was: a zucchini, diced ham, pesto, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. It took about 3 minutes

this is what baby photo sessions really look like

Q: What’s the difference between these two photos? A: 2 seconds. Yes, folks. There you have it, the method behind the magic. Do not be alarmed! Your baby is going to scream during her/his newborn photo shoot, and it is totally normal. The trick (for the photographer) is to be ready at the

these are the people i struggle to love

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that every day I resolve to do certain things, and one of those things is to love. It’s easy to love the lovable, but loving the mean-spirited takes work. It feels nearly impossible. I came across these three articles in less than a week. Each of them

identity crisis

Over the past year, (at least!) I’ve had blog posts swirling around & writing themselves in my mind. I have also had a blog space online, dedicated to my photography business, which has been severely neglected. What’s the problem? Why couldn’t I keep that blog current? Well,

real women

I see a lot of bodies in my line of work. Here’s what I can tell you about real women… Real women have curves. Real women are rail thin, with protruding hip bones. Real women have breasts that succumb to gravity and make the journey from “near the clavicle” to “near the

you always find what you’re looking for.

Want to borrow my rose colored glasses? Try this.

the thing about addiction…

Why? I think I can tell you why.

homelessness, part 2

From Wow. I received some very powerful responses to yesterday’s post. Here are a couple of them, (used with permission.) “I work in cosmetics at Macy’s and yesterday in our store a man was arrested. He has been breaking into our registers and stealing cash.

at least you’re not homeless

       It’s been about a hundred degrees below zero here in MN for several weeks. Ok, not quite that bad, but it kind of feels like that. Those of us with kids have been home-bound with our kids while the schools remain closed, and the air is too frigid for outdoor play. Dangerously

no new year’s resolutions

Frost image © Jennifer Wheeler 2014   Ah, the new year is here, with all of its possibilities, a new calendar, a clean slate. Many people think of it as the first day of their new life; a life that will be better, they will be better, they will do better, act better, and get better results.

snapguide : secrets of photographing your kids decorating for Christmas

Free tutorial by Serendipity Photography. Load to your iPhone for a handy, on-the-go photo guide!

confessions of a frowning snob

This seems like a good day to bare my soul…

Cyber Monday Sale

On Monday, our most ever-popular canvas gallery wraps and digital files can be purchased at reduced rates. Prices WILL be changing for 2014, so if you have been thinking about getting those few favorites to keep forever, this is the day to do it. My advice on choosing a size for your canvas is to

choosing a large canvas

How to choose the images for your canvas gallery wraps MN family photographers – Serendipity Photography

2013 black friday sale! | mn portrait photographers

Serendipity Photography once-a-year specials, this Friday only! Boudoir photography, family and children’s photography specials.

Serendipity Photography – the story, and the “why”

This is a picture of my grandparents. At the same time I was starting my business, my grandfather, my last living grandparent, passed away. As my relatives gathered in Nebraska and pored through old albums and memorabilia, I got to know my grandparents, parents, and extended family in a new way. I

swanson | outdoor family photography in minneapolis

Outdoor session in Minneapolis by MN children’s photographer Serendipity Photography

chase milestones album | minneapolis children’s photographer

Minneapolis children’s photography by Serendipity

playing in leaves | minneapolis children’s photographers

Best time to book fall outdoor family photo sessions

who is liz? | minneapolis outdoor family photographer

Introducing Liz, Minneapolis outdoor family photographer

i am fat in these pictures.

A mother’s day message from Serendipity Photography

Ten years and counting : Jacqueline + Douglas

Happy 10th anniversary to BFFs Jackie and Doug!

michele and matt 10 year anniversary

Happy 10th anniversary to Matt and Michele from Serendipity Photography!

ah, love… minneapolis portrait photographer

Warm and fuzzy photo talk for this gloomy, rainy day…. Family photography by Serendipity Photography in Minneapolis, MN

Maternity Photographer : Rebecca

Maternity photo session in Minneapolis loft

Katya and Chris – maternity

MN maternity photographer, outdoor session near Mound, MN. Photography by Serendipity.